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Service-oriented 6G Network Architecture

Service-oriented 6G Network Architecture for Distributed, Intelligent, and Sustainable Cloud-native Communication Systems


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The 6G-Cloud project is a 6G Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) project funded by European Commission.

6G-Cloud aims to investigate, create, and test key technologies to achieve an AI-native and cloud-friendly system architecture on top of the cloud continuum.

It will integrate cloud resources provided by multiple stakeholders and enable network functions from different 6G network segments to be flexibly and dynamically composed according to service requirements in hybrid cloud environments.

The concept will be verified by three well-defined proofs-of-concept and disseminated through 6G architectural standardization work and open-source projects to achieve maximum impact.

Recent News:

Project Begining
6G-Cloud official started from 1st January 2024.
6G-Cloud at MWC 2024
6G-Cloud partner BubbleRAN presented the project at MWC 2024.
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First Plenary Meeting at Athens, Greece
From 7 to 8 March 2024, the 6G-Cloud consortium met at NCSR Demokritos for the plenary meeting.

6G-Cloud will address the following key topics:

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System architecture

Developing a comprehensive, AI-native service-oriented 6G system architecture on top of a cloud continuum;

Frameworks & interfaces

Creating AI-driven cloud continuum and management frameworks and business interfaces for a multistakeholder environment


AI/ML framework

Establishing an AI/ML framework for native-AI support in the 6G system;


Enabling the 6G “network-of-networks” concept using service-oriented network design. 6GCloud will incorporate scalability, sustainability, resilience, and security requirements into system design.


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